Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana: A cornerstone of professional advancement since 1935

Stories and facts

Founded on December 19, 1935, the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) has been a cornerstone in advancing the professional interests of pharmacists across the nation.

Stemming from the merger of the former Gold Coast Pharmacists and Druggists Union and the Chemists Defense Association before 1929, the PSGH was established under the leadership of William Ayiah Hansen, at Hansdrug College of Pharmacy, Hansdrug Hall, Accra, with invaluable support from Dr. D. Duff, then Director of Medical Services.

Before its establishment, pharmacists in Ghana were divided between two associations, reflecting their affiliations with or without government service bonds. William Ayiah Hansen led the private pharmacist groups that ultimately coalesced into the PSGH.

The PSGH today boasts chapters in every region of Ghana, except for the combined Northern and Upper Regions. It encompasses various specialized associations such as the Community Practice Pharmacists' Association (CPPA), Industrial Pharmacists' Association (IPA), Social and Academic Pharmacists' Association (SAPA), and Government and Hospital Pharmacists' Association (GHOSPA). Additionally, it includes the Ghana Pharmaceutical Students Association (GPSA) as an affiliated body.

The society fulfills critical roles mandated by law, including promoting unity among pharmacists, regulating pharmacist training, disseminating scientific and professional information through publications and educational events, and facilitating international cooperation to uphold global pharmacy standards.

The PSGH emblem, adopted in 1972, features symbols significant to the profession: an Adinkra design symbolizing peace and harmony, a mortar and pestle denoting pharmaceutical practice, and a cluster of green leaves representing traditional herbal medicine. This emblem underscores the society's commitment to both traditional and modern pharmaceutical practices.

Membership in the PSGH is mandatory for all registered pharmacists in Ghana, fostering a strong professional community dedicated to advancing pharmaceutical services nationwide. The National Council, the society's governing body, oversees its operations and includes elected members, ministerial appointees, branch representatives, and past presidents.

From its modest beginnings to its current stature, the PSGH has played a pivotal role in shaping Ghana's pharmacy landscape. It continues to uphold its motto, "Amicus Humani Generis" (Friend of Humanity), by collaborating with governmental and non-governmental entities to ensure the availability of world-class pharmaceutical services for all Ghanaians.

With a rich history of leadership and service, the PSGH remains committed to excellence in pharmaceutical practice and education, setting the benchmark for professional conduct and development in Ghana and beyond.



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