Digital Funeral Services

We provide funeral businesses with white label (in your branding) versions of all our memorial products:

“The axe forgets but the tree remembers.”'

African Proverb

"The tree remembers but the axe forgets."

Reverse Proverb

Ghana Memorial

We provide white-label software with which you can offer your clients a digital memorial or extended obituary. Ghana Memorial is a tribute service to honour the departed. Our...

Condolence Register

We provide white label software with which you can offer a branded condolence register for the deceased. The condolence register can be placed on your site, on GhanaRemembers or...

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Funeral Announcement

We provide white label software so that you can offer your clients funeral announcements in the style they prefer. We support the use of Artificial Intelligence for the creation...

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Churches and Mosques

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Professional Mourners

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Funeral Homes

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Hearse Services

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Coffin Makers

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Photographers and Videographers

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Insurance Companies

Funeral Planner

We provide white label software with which you can offer to your clients a branded digital tool to organise and plan a funeral. The Funeral Planner is designed to ease the...

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One Year Anniversary

We offer white-label software solutions for commemorating One Year Anniversaries. This service offers a meaningful way for families to commemorate the first anniversary of their...

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