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GhanaRemembers is a data-driven memorialisation platform that preserves the memories of Ghanaian people and events through interactive memorials; articles and videos commemorating important historical events; graphical timelines of influential people and key events; accomplishments of people and businesses of Ghanaians around the world; and everything Ghanaian that’s worth remembering.

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Yes, although our timelines and event calendars are free to be shared in several ways, please refer to our Copyright Policy page for detailed information on copyright restrictions.

Yes, we have a section dedicated to profiles and biographies of notable Ghanaians.

Yes, you can search on our website for details of any specific person. If you want someone to be added to the collection of notable Ghanaians, you can contact us. Please visit our contact page.

For general inquiries or support, you can contact us through our contact form.

You can report inaccuracies or errors through our general contact form.

Envision a timeline dedicated to your CEO or esteemed colleagues, ready to adorn your company's website.

For organisations and in a specific case also for individuals, like social influencers that use online publishing as a business model. Custom media publishing comes with a charge. We can help organisations with content and technology on their site. Examples are given in the question about examples.

Timelines can help to engage your audience and provide them with a better understanding of a particular subject, topic or event.

There is a simple embed code that you can copy and paste into your website or news article. This will allow you to display our content directly on your site.

We create publishing products for others and we help our partners and clients to use them. We can create tailor made solutions for parties that cherish their heritage and the memory of the contributors of their organisation. Or for a simple event calendar to be shown on your website.

Yes, we welcome contributions to our event calendars. However, some specific event calendars or additions come at a charge. You can contact us through our Contact page.

No, but you can include the event calendar on any website.

You can find events by visiting the Event Calendars section on our website. You can search based on categories or use the search box.

You can report inaccuracies or errors in event information through our Contact Page.

To submit an event for inclusion, please visit our Contact page on our website and follow the provided instructions.

Yes, you can set privacy settings to control who can view a memorial tribute, ensuring it is accessible only to individuals you authorise.

Yes you can! On the Sign Up page, select the Create my Own Profile option. We just need some basic information, including your email, which will be used as your login. Once you've signed up, you can create a memorial, connect with an existing memorial, invite family members, become part of a family tree or even begin building your legacy.

Yes, you can edit or update a memorial tribute after creating it by accessing the Edit feature on the memorial page.

Yes, there is a section on the memorial page where you and others can leave comments or messages of support.

Ghana Memorial memorials can easily be linked to a loved one's resting place. Our Mobile App lets you geotag the exact coordinates of your loved one's location, allowing family members and friends to be guided directly to their monument with Google Maps.

Yes, there are guidelines for using the GhanaRemembers brand and content in partnerships. In the partnership terms, we address the condition of the usage of brand carriers as well.

Obviously, GhanaRemembers logical partners our in the online publishing, funeral, cultural and educational industry but we are curious to find more creative partnerships.

Yes, we welcome proposals for specific projects or events. Please submit your proposal via the Partnerships Inquiry Form on our website or contact our partnerships team.

We will publish any information that will help to see the opportunities that are within reach for new partners and ourselves.

You can initiate a partnership proposal by submitting a detailed proposal via the Partnerships Inquiry Form on our website or by contacting our partnerships team.

You can use the timelines freely for your website. However, there are some restrictions as to how. Please refer to our Copyright Policy page for detailed information on copyright restrictions concerning the use of timelines.

Yes, you can suggest it to our editorial team. This could be a free service or at a charge.

Yes, if you want to use a paid version of the timeline on your platform or website.

Yes, you can explore specific timelines through the search and filter options available on our platform.

Yes, you can request a timeline through our Contact Form [select the option “Timeline” at the Category field. However, the creation of the timeline may come with a charge.