Ankos Festival: A vibrant celebration of culture and dance in Takoradi

Stories and facts

The Ankos Festival, also known as the Takoradi Street Carnival or Masquerade Festival, is an annual event celebrated by the people of Takoradi, Ghana, from December 24th to 26th.

The festival features various masquerade groups such as Ankos, Cosmos, Holy Cities, and Nyanta Boys, each showcasing their unique styles and traditions through colorful costumes and dynamic performances. Participants passionately celebrate their cultural identity through spirited dances and songs accompanied by brass bands, attracting both locals and tourists who line the streets, rooftops, and balconies to enjoy the spectacle.

The festival's significance was amplified by the Year of Return initiative, drawing an influx of tourists, especially black people from the diaspora, to immerse themselves in Ghanaian culture. The festival anthem, "Made in Tadi" by Kofi Kinaata, captures the essence of the event, highlighting its vibrancy and community spirit.

With its deep roots and modern influences, the Ankos Festival continues to be a significant cultural celebration, uniting people in celebration of their heritage.



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