Jintigi Festival: Honouring Gonja heritage through fire and unity

Stories and facts

The Jintigi (Fire) Festival is an annual event celebrated by the chiefs and people of the Gonja Traditional Area in the Savannah Region of Ghana, formerly part of the Northern Region. Damongo, the capital of Gonjaland, serves as the central hub for this significant cultural festival, typically held in April.

During the festival, a dramatic nighttime procession takes place, with participants carrying torches from the outskirts of towns and villages into the bush within Gonjaland. This torch-lit march symbolizes the community's unity and spirit. Additionally, Qurans are recited to forecast and bless the coming year, adding a spiritual dimension to the festivities.

The Jintigi Festival commemorates the historical search for a lost son of an ancient king. This poignant story of loss and unity is central to the celebrations, reminding participants of their shared heritage and the enduring strength of their community ties. The festival not only preserves the rich cultural traditions of the Gonja people but also fosters a sense of communal identity and continuity.



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