Mother's Day: Celebrating the spirit of motherhood

Stories and facts

Mother's Day, observed annually on the second Sunday of May, is a cherished holiday dedicated to honoring the influence and sacrifices of mothers and maternal figures in our lives. Originating in the United States, Mother's Day has evolved into a global celebration of motherhood, recognized across different cultures and nations.

The history of Mother's Day dates back to the mid-19th century, inspired by Ann Reeves Jarvis and her mother's dedication to community service. Ann established Mother's Day work clubs to address health and social issues, including aiding soldiers during the Civil War. Post-war, she organized Mother's Friendship Day picnics, fostering unity among women from opposing sides.

The modern Mother's Day movement gained momentum in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held the first Mother's Day celebration in West Virginia, following her mother's passing. Over the years, Anna tirelessly campaigned for its recognition, leading President Woodrow Wilson to proclaim Mother's Day a national holiday in 1914.

Mother's Day is a day when families worldwide come together to honor the unparalleled love and devotion of mothers. It serves as a poignant reminder of the significant role mothers play in shaping families and society.

The essence of Mother's Day transcends borders, with each country infusing its unique traditions into the celebrations. In Ghana, children express affection through flowers and heartfelt cards.

Japanese culture symbolizes Mother's Day with carnations, signifying love and gratitude. Meanwhile, Ethiopians celebrate with festive gatherings, and Mexicans serenade mothers with music and poetry. Nepal observes Mata Tirtha Aunsi, a religious festival honoring mothers.

Regardless of cultural nuances, Mother's Day is a universal occasion to reflect on the profound impact of maternal figures. From handmade gifts to elaborate gatherings, the day resonates with heartfelt gestures of appreciation and love.

As we commemorate Mother's Day 2024, let us take a moment to honor the immeasurable contributions of mothers worldwide, celebrating their unwavering strength, compassion, and boundless love that enriches our lives.



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