National Tourism Awards: Honouring excellence in Ghana's tourism sector

Stories and facts

The National Tourism Awards, established by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) in 1997, recognize and reward excellence in the tourism sector. This prestigious event sets high standards in service delivery among tourism practitioners and is one of the flagship events of the GTA.

The awards ceremony is organized to honor industry stakeholders who have excelled and contributed significantly to the development of tourism in Ghana. This year, 29 awards will be given to deserving organizations and individuals.

Winners of the Tourism Awards are selected through a meticulous process. At the regional level, facilities and enterprises are shortlisted based on regular inspections conducted by GTA regional offices.

A jury at the regional level assesses the facilities and services provided by these entities, selecting and awarding the top performers. Regional award winners are then further evaluated at the national level. A jury composed of industry professionals and stakeholders reviews these facilities and services, narrowing down the nominees to the top three in each category.

The final winners are chosen and honored. In addition to competitive awards, honorary awards are presented to practitioners, individuals, and organizations that have made substantial contributions to Ghana’s tourism industry.

The National Tourism Awards ceremony typically attracts high-profile personalities from government, business, politics, academia, and the tourism industry, highlighting its significance and the esteem in which it is held.

By celebrating excellence, the National Tourism Awards not only recognize outstanding achievements but also set a benchmark for quality and service in Ghana's tourism sector, inspiring continued growth and development.



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