Eunice Jacqueline Buah Asomah-Hinneh: From frozen foods mogul to Council of State member

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Eunice Jacqueline Buah Asomah-Hinneh, a prominent Ghanaian businesswoman and Council of State member, transformed Labianca Company Limited into a leading frozen food imports company in just seven years.

With over 35 years of experience, she grew the company to employ more than 300 people. In public service, she was the Western Region's Council of State representative and a Board Member of the Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority.

However, her career faced controversy on August 9, 2022, due to allegations of corruption related to securing favorable tax treatment for her company. Despite this, her legacy in business and public service remains significant.

She passed away after a brief illness.

Explore the life of Eunice Jacqueline Buah Asomah-Hinneh below.



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