Ghana Real Estate Developers Association, transforming real estate development in Ghana

Stories and facts

The Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), established under the Laws of Ghana (Company Code, Act 179 of 1963) as a private company limited by guarantee, serves as a central organization for real estate developers to revolutionize the property market.

GREDA’s mission encompasses several key objectives designed to drive innovation and transformation within the real estate sector.

Firstly, GREDA provides a centralized organization for real estate developers, offering a unified platform for collaboration and resource sharing. The association actively advocates for and makes policy recommendations to the government, aiming to influence legislation and policies that impact the real estate industry.

This advocacy is crucial in ensuring a favorable business environment for developers and addressing industry challenges.In addition to policy advocacy, GREDA promotes the development of residential estates and affordable housing.

By focusing on the creation of cost-effective housing solutions, GREDA seeks to address the housing deficit in Ghana and make home ownership accessible to a broader segment of the population. The association also pools resources to achieve economies of scale, ensuring that developers can operate efficiently while adhering to national standards.

GREDA encourages the use of local inputs and conducts research on local building materials. This initiative not only supports the local economy but also promotes sustainable building practices. The association collaborates with financial institutions to develop effective mortgage house ownership schemes, making it easier for Ghanaians to finance their homes.

Furthermore, GREDA establishes international links to foster industry development. By building relationships with global partners, the association brings international best practices and innovations to the Ghanaian real estate market.

Through these proactive measures and strategic partnerships, GREDA strives to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and address the evolving needs of the real estate sector.

By advocating for policy reforms, promoting affordable housing, and championing the use of local resources, GREDA aims to create a sustainable and vibrant real estate market in Ghana. As the country’s real estate landscape continues to evolve, GREDA remains dedicated to transforming the sector for socioeconomic development.



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