Rock City Hotel: A jewel of hospitality in Eastern Region

Stories and facts

 Rock City Hotel, located in Ghana's Eastern Region amidst the breathtaking Kwahu-Nkwatia mountains, stands as a pinnacle of luxury and excitement.

Established to cater to both local and international tourists, the hotel is renowned for its scenic views and opulent accommodations, offering a range of services and amenities designed to ensure comfort and relaxation.

With over 600 meticulously designed rooms currently operational, Rock City Hotel sets a new standard in luxury accommodation in Ghana. Guests can indulge in thrilling adventures such as paragliding and canopy walkways, all within the hotel's expansive grounds.

The ongoing expansion aims to transform Rock City into one of Africa's and the world's largest hotel resorts, boasting over 2,200 rooms equipped with unrivaled amenities and facilities.

Rock City Hotel harmoniously blends modern comfort with the tranquility of its natural surroundings. Nestled amidst the serene Kwahu-Nkwatia mountains, it offers an idyllic retreat for both leisure and business travelers alike. The hotel's strategic location enhances its appeal, providing guests with panoramic views and easy access to nearby attractions.

At Rock City Hotel, guests can expect nothing short of exceptional service, breathtaking views, and a wealth of amenities.

Whether enjoying a leisurely vacation or attending a business conference, the hotel promises an unforgettable experience amidst Ghana's stunning landscape. Its reputation for hospitality and dedication to guest satisfaction has firmly established it as a landmark in Ghana's vibrant hospitality sector, attracting visitors from around the globe.

As Rock City Hotel continues to expand and innovate, it remains committed to offering unparalleled luxury and adventure in Ghana. From its scenic mountain vistas to its world-class facilities, every aspect of the hotel is designed to exceed expectations and create lasting memories for discerning travelers seeking the best of both comfort and excitement.



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