Dzimbi Festival: Celebrating heritage in Ghana's Upper East and West regions

Stories and facts

The Dzimbi Festival is an annual cultural celebration observed by the chiefs and people of the Upper East and Upper West regions of Ghana, typically taking place in the month of June.

During the festival, visitors are warmly welcomed and invited to share in the communal food and drinks. Participants don traditional attire, adding to the festive atmosphere. A central feature of the Dzimbi Festival is the durbar of chiefs, a grand assembly where local leaders gather to display their cultural heritage and leadership. The event is further enlivened by vibrant dancing and drumming, creating a lively and engaging environment for all attendees.

The Dzimbi Festival holds significant cultural importance as it commemorates a historical event that remains central to the community's identity and heritage. Through this annual celebration, the people of the Upper East and Upper West regions reaffirm their cultural roots and foster a sense of unity and continuity within their communities.

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