Nogokpo shrine, one of the ancient most revered shrines in Ghana's Volta Region

Stories and facts

Nogokpo, located in Ghana's Volta Region, holds deep historical and spiritual significance. Founded by Torgbui Saba Tritriku Agbo, it originated from ancestral displacement during the Akwamu wars.

Saba's journey to Dahomey and the acquisition of Zakadza, a thunder deity, added to its mystique. Initially a farmstead, Nogokpo evolved into a spiritual center, with its name originating from the Ewe language, warning against vice. Renowned for its traditional shrine, the village has attracted controversy, notably Archbishop Charles Agyinasare's labeling it as the "headquarters of demons.

In response, traditional leaders issued an ultimatum, reflecting the village's blend of history, spirituality, and folklore, making it a captivating aspect of Ghana's Volta Region.

Explore the history of this great shrine below.



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