Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

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Established in 1993 as a community-based ecotourism initiative under the guidance of a Peace Corps volunteer, this sacred grove conservation area serves as a haven for the revered mona and patas monkeys.

Situated approximately 230 kilometers northeast of Accra, Ghana's capital, and 43 kilometers south of Hohoe, the sanctuary is ensconced in the heart of pristine tropical forest. For centuries, the monkeys dwelling within the vicinity of the quaint village of Tafi-Atome have been regarded as sacred emissaries from the divine realm. In 1996, recognizing the imperative to safeguard both their cherished forest and its simian inhabitants, the villagers embarked on a concerted effort to protect and preserve their natural heritage.

Through a collaborative endeavor involving local communities, governmental institutions, and non-governmental organizations, the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary was established. This grassroots conservation initiative has borne fruit over the years, leading to a notable increase in the monkey population and the preservation of the forest ecosystem, which boasts a diverse array of avian species and butterflies.

In November 2020, a significant milestone was reached with the commissioning of upgraded facilities aimed at enhancing the visitor experience while ensuring the sustainable management of the sanctuary. This comprehensive upgrade included the construction of a modern tourist reception area, a state-of-the-art seven-seater washroom facility, and three pavilions for visitors to relax and immerse themselves in the tranquility of the surroundings. Additionally, a wire mesh and bamboo fence were erected around the site to safeguard against encroachment, while the painting of edifices and structures, the establishment of a car park, and the paving of grounds further enhanced the sanctuary's appeal.

In the realm of conservation, the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary serves as a beacon of best practices, employing a range of tools and approaches to support the preservation of sacred natural sites. These include innovative methods for inventorying and monitoring plant and animal species, as well as initiatives aimed at building community capacity and reinforcing the cultural values associated with the sanctuary. Notably, the sanctuary adheres to guidelines set forth by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and UNESCO, leveraging resources such as the Sacred Natural Site Guidelines for Protected Area Managers to inform its management strategies.

As custodians of this invaluable natural heritage, the community of Tafi-Atome remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing and safeguarding the sanctuary for future generations. Through their collective efforts, the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary stands as a shining example of conservation excellence, where the timeless wisdom of tradition converges with modern stewardship practices to forge a sustainable future for all.

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