Beyond the Capital: Regions that have hosted Ghana's Independence Day celebration

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As Ghana celebrates its 67th independence from colonial rule, the nation's celebration of freedom extends far beyond the capital, Accra. While the capital city has hosted the event since its inception in 1957, the spirit of independence resonates across the diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures that define Ghana's various regions. From the rich vegetation of the Ashanti Region to the coastal beauty of the Central Region, each corner of the nation contributes its unique flair to the annual Independence Day celebrations.

Ahead of this year's celebration scheduled to take place in The Eastern Regional capital, Koforidua, we embark on a journey to explore other regions that have hosted the Independence Day celebration after it was decided to rotate and host the event in different regions to help stimulate the local economy in 2017.

  1. Northern Region, Tamale

    On 6th March 2019, the 62nd Independence Day celebration was held at the capital of the Northern Region, Tamale. It was the first time the national event had been moved from the national capital, Accra. The theme of the celebration, was “Celebrating Peace and Unity.” Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo said the government’s decision to move Ghana’s 2019 Independence Day celebration to Tamale was to solidify the peace and unity achieved in the Dagbon Traditional area that year.

    The relocation of the Independence Day celebrations to Tamale in 2019 was more than just a venue change; it represented a deliberate effort to foster inclusivity and also aligned with the government's broader agenda of decentralization and regional development.

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  2. Ashanti Region, Kumasi

    Ghana marked the 63rd Independence Day celebration on March 6, 2020, with a parade at Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital. This was the second time the national event was held outside Accra. The theme of the 63rd celebration was “Consolidating Our Gains.” The celebration featured march pasts and performances from the security services, students from various schools, and various groups consisting of workers, etc.

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  3. Central Region, Cape Coast

    Amidst the vibrant colors of Ghana's national flag and the rhythmic beats of traditional drumming, the nation marked its 65th Independence Day with a celebration that resonated with pride, resilience, and a commitment to progress. From the serene coasts of Accra to the peaceful shores of another coastal region, the central region hosted the 65th Independence Day to honor the legacy of our forefathers and reaffirm their dedication to building a brighter future for generations to come. The celebration marked the 3rd time the national event was held outside Accra. The event was celebrated on the theme; of "The State of the Nation".

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  4. Volta Region, Ho

    The Volta region marked the 66th Independence Day at Ho and became the 4th region to host the national event. The event was centered on the theme: “Our Unity, Our Strength, Our Purpose”. This was the first time that the Volta Region was hosting the national independence parade, which commemorated the day Ghana officially gained independence from British colonial rule.

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  5. Eastern Region, Koforidua

    Ahead of this year's celebration set to take place in The Eastern Regional capital, Koforidua, It would mark the first time the Eastern Region would host the independence parade and the 5th region to host the national event outside Accra. The celebration would be the 67th year since Ghana gained independence from colonial rule and is centered on the theme, "Our Democracy, Our Pride.

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    As we conclude our journey across the regions of Ghana that have proudly hosted the Independence Day celebrations, we are reminded of the rich cultural diversity, and unity that defines the nation. Beyond the national capital Accra, each region has played a significant role in commemorating this historic event. In the end, it is the collective strength of our unity and purpose that truly defines us as Ghanaians. And as we celebrate the 67th anniversary this year, let us never forget the legacy of our forefathers, whose sacrifices and struggles paved the way for the freedoms we enjoy today. Happy Independence Day, Ghana!



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