Celebrating Excellence: The annual Ghana Football Awards

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The Ghana Football Awards stands as an annual testament to the outstanding achievements of Ghanaian football players both within and outside the country. Organized by AE Mediacom in collaboration with creative content producers and sports journalists, this prestigious award scheme aims to honor the exceptional talents on the field and key stakeholders who significantly contribute to the beautiful game. The awards ceremony takes place in Accra, Ghana, in July each year, showcasing the best performers of the season under review across various categories.

The inception of the Ghana Football Awards took place in 2018, marking a historic moment in recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of Ghanaian football players. AE Mediacom, in collaboration with a group of creative minds and a sports journalist, initiated the concept, officially launching the awards scheme in May 2018. The inaugural edition of the awards was held in July 2018, strategically coinciding with the pre-season period, bringing Ghanaian footballers playing abroad back home for the holidays.

At the helm of the Ghana Football Awards is a distinguished governing board comprising prominent figures in Ghanaian football. The board members include Augustine Ahinful, Abukari Damba, John Paintsil, Alex Kotey (referee), and Karl Tufuoh (sports journalist), with Karl Tufuoh serving as the board's chairperson. This esteemed team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure the credibility and fairness of the awards.

The Ghana Football Awards features a well-structured array of nine major competitive categories, alongside three special awards exclusively determined by the board. The selection process for these awards involves a meticulous approach, with nominations shortlisted by the board. The ultimate winners, however, are determined through a combination of an electoral college and public participation.

The electoral college, consisting of journalists, coaches, captains of national teams, and top-flight Ghanaian clubs, holds 80% of the voting power. The general public contributes the remaining 20%, ensuring a balanced and inclusive decision-making process. This democratic approach reflects the organizers' commitment to transparency and fairness in acknowledging the best talents in Ghanaian football.

As the Ghana Football Awards continues to evolve, it has become a significant platform for honoring the remarkable achievements of Ghanaian football players and key contributors to the sport. The annual gala in Accra serves as a showcase of talent, unity, and sportsmanship, celebrating the passion and dedication that define the Ghanaian football landscape. With a commitment to excellence, the Ghana Football Awards remains a pivotal event in the nation's football calendar, inspiring future generations and elevating the profile of Ghanaian football on the global stage.



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