Ghana Tertiary Awards: Recognizing student contributions to national development

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The Ghana Tertiary Awards is the premier award scheme for over 540,000 students across 303 tertiary institutions, recognizing their contributions to Ghana's development.

This award honors students who positively impact their society through their work while still pursuing their education.

The award scheme serves as a platform to celebrate significant student achievements, providing a dynamic space for idea exchange, knowledge development, and institutional connectivity.

It equips students with leadership skills, inspiring and empowering them to drive economic development and social change.Since its inception in 2014, the Ghana Tertiary Awards has recognized over 200 winners who have become celebrated figures in their respective fields.

The Universal Merchant Bank has headlined the past nine editions of the awards, which annually bring together tertiary institutions, students, government officials, NGOs, business entities, public figures, and the general public.

The Ghana Tertiary Awards aims to reward deserving students whose initiatives positively influence society and the country.

The student demographic is seen as a crucial tool for national development, and the awards seek to create a strong generation of informed and competent tertiary students ready to take action for their rightful placement.

By the end of the awards, the goal is to have equipped students with skills to empower their career development, inspired them to become entrepreneurs, and raised their income levels to contribute to economic development and social change.

The awards also aim to understand why students lose their way, equip them with leadership principles and values, and find strategies to uphold human rights and safeguard vulnerable populations.

Using this awards platform, students are encouraged to take leadership positions in their schools, communities, parliament, or international roles. This year’s festival will focus on educating students on the theme "Students, The Greatest Asset of Ghana" and exploring entrepreneurship.

The aim is to identify factors and resources useful for student initiatives and entrepreneurial activities while understanding their motivations and leadership paths.

The Ghana Tertiary Awards continues to be a beacon of inspiration, aiming to leave a lasting legacy of empowered and motivated students ready to contribute to the nation's development.





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