Ghana University Sports Association (GUSA) Games: Uniting Ghanaian universities through sports

Stories and facts

Since 1964, Ghana's three public universities have engaged in biennial sports competitions without a central organizing body. However, the concept of a unified association took shape in 1965 when representatives from these universities attended the inaugural West Africa University Games (WAUG) at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. It became evident that Nigeria already had a well-established Nigeria University Games Association (NUGA) to oversee competitions for its universities.

Upon their return, ET Kodzi, then coach at the University of Cape Coast, was tasked with drafting a constitution for what would become the Ghana University Sports Association (GUSA). This constitution was formally adopted in 1969, marking the birth of GUSA. The inaugural leadership included President Sam Blankson from the University of Cape Coast and Secretary ET Kodzi, both instrumental in laying the foundation for GUSA's governance.

Over the years, GUSA experienced significant growth and development, with key figures like JE Mills of the University of Ghana (later President of Ghana) playing pivotal roles in its leadership for 15 years.

Starting with just three public universities, GUSA has expanded to include seven member institutions. In addition to the original trio of universities, new members such as the University of Education, Winneba (formerly Specialist Training College), University of Development Studies, University of Mines and Technology, and University of Professional Studies, Accra, have joined the association. Notably, in 2013, GUSA's constitution was amended to allow private universities to participate, anticipating further growth in membership.

GUSA, which stands for Ghana University Sports Association, is dedicated to organizing sporting activities for students across member institutions. Despite its origins in public universities, GUSA's revised constitution now welcomes private universities to partake in its programs.

Currently, GUSA boasts a membership of seven institutions with a collective student enrollment exceeding 200,000. The association operates under a well-defined framework consisting of a Constitution, Strategic Plan, and Operational Guidelines.

At the core of GUSA's decision-making structure is the Council (General Assembly), comprising representatives from each member institution including heads of sports management, registrars or designated representatives, full-time sports coaches, and student general sports secretaries (both male and female). This Council oversees various management units such as the Executive Committee, Technical Committee, Committee for Development of Female Sports, and Student Committee, with the participation of institutional heads as Patrons providing advisory support.

In a message from the CEO of GUSA, the association extends a warm welcome to its official website, highlighting GUSA's role in coordinating university sports activities, organizing events, and representing Ghanaian university students in international sporting competitions. The CEO emphasizes GUSA's commitment to youth development through sports and invites partnerships to further this important mission and promote Ghana's image on the global sporting stage.



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