Papa Nantwi Festival: Celebrating bravery and sacrifice in Kumawu

Stories and facts

The Papa Nantwi Festival is an annual celebration held in March by the people of Kumawu in the Sekyere East District of the Ashanti Region in Ghana.

This cultural festival is significant to all Ashantis, although the primary events take place in Kumawu. The festival honors the bravery and self-sacrificial spirit of their revered ancestor, Nana Tweneboa Kodua I, who is said to have sacrificed his life to help the Ashantis defeat the Denkyiras, their former overlords.

The festival commemorates a pivotal event in Ashanti history during the reign of Otumfuo Osei Tutu I. Oral traditions from Kumawu recount that the Denkyiras persistently harassed the Ashantis, seizing their lands, farms, wives, and other properties.

In response, Otumfuo Osei Tutu I sought to unite the seven Akan clans to fight for their freedom from Denkyira oppression. Following a spiritual inquiry by Okomfo Anokye, the spiritual leader and advisor to Osei Tutu I, it was revealed that victory would only come after the ritual sacrifice of a chief.

Displaying immense patriotism and courage, Nana Tweneboa Kodua I volunteered to be sacrificed, thereby enabling the Ashanti army to achieve victory over the Denkyiras, as prophesied by Okomfo Anokye.

Nana Tweneboa Kodua I's sacrifice is considered the spiritual cornerstone of the Ashanti Kingdom's liberation from Denkyira rule. In recognition of his extraordinary deed, Otumfuo Osei Tutu I decreed that an annual festival be held to honor Nana Tweneboa Kodua I.

The festival also serves to educate society on the values of patriotism, courage, and selflessness, which are essential for the development of Ghanaian society.

On the eve of the festival, special propitiatory rites are performed on the blackened stools believed to house the souls of deceased Ashanti kings, kept in the Nkonyafie. Sacrifices are also made at specific locations within the Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary and waterfalls, where the Kumawu ancestors are believed to reside.

These rituals are intended to inform the ancestors of the upcoming festival and seek their spiritual guidance, assistance, and presence for a successful celebration.

Following these ancestral rites, a contest of bravery takes place at the chief's palace or a designated festival durbar area. During this event, a large cow is slaughtered and placed in an open arena amidst thousands of Kumawu residents, visitors from neighboring Ashanti towns and villages, and other attendees.

A path is created to the cow's location, and courageous individuals attempt to cut a piece of the animal and run to a designated spot while being beaten with whips by the crowd. Those who succeed in this challenge are deemed brave and courageous, taking possession of the cow meat and receiving awards from the Kumawu chief.

The festival also features various contests, including food competitions, dancing and singing contests, beauty pageants, and activities such as environmental clean-up and tree planting.

The Papa Nantwi Festival is a vibrant celebration that not only honors the historical sacrifice of Nana Tweneboa Kodua I but also reinforces the values of bravery, unity, and community spirit among the Ashanti people.



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