Ghana Comedy Awards: Celebrating excellence in comedy

Ghana Comedy Awards

Stories and facts

The journey began in 2019 and 2020 with a combined initiative known as the Comedy & Poetry Awards, designed to honor and celebrate the talents of comedians and poets together.

This scheme quickly established itself as the most credible and prestigious event of its kind, achieving remarkable recognition and excellence across Ghana and Africa. Today, this initiative has evolved into two separate entities: the Ghana Comedy Awards and the Ghana Poetry Awards.

The Ghana Comedy Awards, now a legally registered scheme, is arguably the biggest and most anticipated comedy festival event of the year in Ghana. Presented annually to recognize, honor, and reward Ghanaian and African comic personalities and productions for their outstanding achievements in television, film, stage, theater, online platforms, radio, and other relevant media, this event reflects the richness and diversity of Ghanaian comedy, celebrating the deserving talents of the past year.

Organized by Creative Republic, an events management brand dedicated to promoting the unique talents of creative individuals in Ghana and beyond, the Ghana Comedy Awards works in partnership with Limpex Impressions, a media powerhouse committed to the growth of Ghanaian entertainment.

The Ghana Comedy Awards aims to honor and appreciate comedians and industry players whose work generated significant public excitement within the calendar year of the scheme, provide an international platform for the Ghanaian comedy industry, enhance its visibility both locally and globally, reward veteran comedians who have made significant contributions to the entertainment and arts industry, motivate and encourage comedians to continue their creative endeavors, promote and protect the art of comedy in Ghana, and provide a unique platform for growing and showcasing the unique talents and creativity of Ghanaian comedians to the world.

The Ghana Comedy Awards continues to play a pivotal role in celebrating and advancing the art of comedy, ensuring that the talents of comedians are recognized and appreciated both in Ghana and on the global stage.




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