Ghana International Book Fair: Reviving and celebrating the book industry

Ghana International Book Fair 2

Stories and facts

The Ghana International Book Fair (GIBF) was established in the mid-90s to rejuvenate Ghana's struggling book industry, which had been severely impacted by the economic recessions of the late 70s and 80s.

The Trade Fair Authority initiated this effort, and the first book fair was held in 1996.Initially, the event took place biennially, with fairs held in 1998 and subsequent years until 2008, when it became an annual event.

Since then, the fair has been held every year, with the Ghana Publishers Association leading its organization. The Ghana International Book Fair is now an annual celebration of Ghanaian culture through books.

The primary goal of the GIBF is to bring together Ghanaian and international book industry players to showcase books, creativity, and innovations. The fair serves as a platform for exploring business opportunities, organizing literacy programs for students, and conducting workshops to enhance the quality of book publishing.

Additionally, GIBF aims to expose readers to a wide array of books at highly discounted prices, thereby promoting literacy and encouraging good reading and writing habits among the general public.

Through these efforts, the Ghana International Book Fair continues to play a pivotal role in revitalizing the book industry and fostering a culture of literacy in Ghana.



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