Ghana is first West African country admitted to the UN Security Council in 2022

Ghana and UN

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After a 15-year hiatus, Ghana has regained its seat at the UN Security Council, signifying its importance in global peace and security endeavors. The country's membership renewal was officially recognized on January 4th, alongside other new members such as Albania, Brazil, Gabon, and the UAE.

Serving from January 1, 2022, to December 2023, Ghana's participation emphasizes its dedication to advancing the UN's peace agenda, with a particular focus on Africa. Ambassador Harold Agyeman reiterated Ghana's commitment to promoting international peace and security during the council's flag ceremony. Notably, Ghana will assume the presidency of the UN Security Council on November 1, 2022, a historic moment allowing it to lead discussions and initiatives aimed at bolstering global peace and security.

During its presidency, Ghana plans to concentrate on addressing the root causes of conflict, including poverty and climate change,to foster sustainable development, especially in Africa. This marks Ghana's third non-permanent tenure on the council, highlighting its enduring commitment to international peace and security efforts.

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