Gramophone Records Museum and Research Centre of Ghana (GRMRC): Safeguarding Ghanaian music for future generations


Stories and facts

The Gramophone Records Museum and Research Centre of Ghana (GRMRC) stands as a vital institution dedicated to the preservation of Ghanaian musical heritage through recorded media.

Established by Kwame Sarpong, the museum officially opened its doors to the public in December 1994, situated within the Centre for National Culture in Cape Coast.

Since its inception, GRMRC has garnered international attention and support for its mission. Notably, the Daniel Langlois Foundation for the Art, Science, and Technology in Canada initiated a significant project in 2003.

This project focuses on digitizing the museum's extensive collection of Highlife recordings, a genre deeply rooted in Ghanaian culture.

Moreover, GRMRC has contributed to global cultural archives through collaborations with institutions like the Archive of Folk Culture at the Library of Congress's American Folklife Center.

This partnership has facilitated the transfer of select recordings from the museum's holdings onto CDs, ensuring broader accessibility and preservation of Ghana's rich musical legacy on a global scale.



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