Guinea Fowl War of 1994: The Konkomba–Nanumba tribal conflict that shook Northern Ghana

Konkomba Nanumba War

Stories and facts

The Konkomba–Nanumba conflict, also known as the Guinea fowl war, erupted in Northern Ghana in 1994.

This tribal war involved the Konkombas on one side and the Nanumbas, Dagombas, and Gonjas on the other. The core issue fueling the war was a dispute over land ownership.

The conflict was devastating, with at least 1000, and possibly as many as 2000, people losing their lives. Additionally, 150,000 people were displaced as a result of the fighting, with some fleeing to neighboring Togo for safety.

The government, led by President Jerry Rawlings, took significant steps to mitigate the conflict. By implementing various methods to reduce tensions, the Rawlings administration managed to slow the fighting.

These efforts were instrumental in bringing the conflict under control, with much of it being resolved by the end of 2015.



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