Here is the first Abrahamic monotheistic religion to arrive in Ghana between 10th and 15th centuries

Abrahamic monotheistic religion

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Islam's arrival in Ghana introduced the region to its first Abrahamic monotheistic religion, with its rich history dating back to the 10th century. Despite being the second most professed religion in Ghana today, comprising about 20% of the population according to the 2021 census, it has diverse denominations. Sunni Islam holds the majority at 51%, followed by the Ahmadiyya movement (16%) and Shia Islam (8%), with the rest categorized as non-denominational Muslims. The Maliki school of jurisprudence prevails among Sunni Muslims, while the influence of the Hanbali school, particularly through the Salafi movement, has risen in recent decades. Although Sufism has declined, orders like the Tijaniyyah and the Qadiriyyah still have a presence among traditionalist Muslims.

Historically, Muslims and Christians in Ghana have maintained harmonious relations. The Muslim Representative Council addresses religious, social, and economic issues through negotiation, and the National Hajj Council organizes pilgrimages to Mecca. The National Chief Imam serves as the highest authority on Muslim affairs.

Certain areas in Ghana, particularly those with significant Muslim populations, have Islamic or Arabic schools offering education from primary to tertiary levels. Islam's introduction to Ghana can be attributed to Sahelian traders, particularly Mande and Hausa-speaking traders, and it spread through trade routes, colonial military recruitment, and mass migration.

The Muslim population is concentrated in northern Ghana and dispersed among Zongo communities throughout the nation, where Hausa is adopted as a lingua franca. However, discrepancies in census data pose challenges in accurately representing the Muslim population and influence government resource allocation. According to the 2017 census, Muslims constitute about 20% of Ghana's population.

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