Wulomei, pioneers of Ga cultural music since 1973

Wulomei is a Ghanaian music group

Stories and facts

Wulomei, a Ghanaian music group founded in 1973 by Nii Tei Ashitey with support from Saka Acquaye, achieved international success in the 1970s and 1980s. Acquaye managed the band and contributed to their music.

The group's music incorporates indigenous instruments like atenteben bamboo flutes and gombe frame drums, along with West African fingerstyle guitar. Their repertoire includes traditional Ga and Liberian sea shanties, gome songs, and recreational tunes like kolomashie and kpanlogo.

They released albums such as "Walatu Walasa" and "Wulomei in Drum Conference," blending traditional and contemporary sounds. Wulomei's influence led to the rise of other Ga cultural groups and spin-offs like the Bukom Ensemble and the Suku Troupe. After Nii Ashitey's retirement, his children, Nii Ashiquey and Naa Asheley led the second generation of Wulomei, ensuring the continuation of the band's legacy.

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