Bojo Beach: Ghana's pristine island escape with a unique charm

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Unlike exclusive resorts, Bojo Beach offers an affordable, serene, and comfortable getaway for families and groups seeking a peaceful holiday. Situated 30 km west of Accra, the capital city, Bojo Beach's distinguishing feature is its island location, nestled between a saltwater sea and a 100-meter wide freshwater stream, accessible only by boat.

Bojo Beach, a small but enchanting stretch along the Atlantic Ocean, boasts soft white sand that lures visitors seeking relaxation and natural beauty. Entry to the beach requires a fee, which includes transportation by canoe. Travellers can reach the departure point for the beach by renting a car or taking a taxi from the city.

While Bojo Beach lacks natural shade, the gentle sea breeze and well-equipped amenities, such as small canopies, thatched-roof umbrellas, and benches, provide comfort to visitors. Rental services for umbrellas, plastic chairs, and tables are available, ensuring a comfortable experience for beachgoers looking to unwind and enjoy their surroundings. Sunbathing, swimming, visiting the beach bar, and savouring breathtaking views of the sea and sunset while listening to great music are among the delightful activities offered at Bojo Beach.

Bojo Beach

Although the ocean's entry at Bojo Beach has a gentle slope, caution is advised as some areas may have uneven bottoms. While the coastline occasionally experiences strong waves, the beach remains popular among families with children, thanks to the vigilant lifeguards who monitor the coastal area and all swimmers. When rough waves appear, bathers are kindly asked to move to shore for safety.

With year-round temperatures in Ghana ranging between +24 to +32 degrees Celsius, visitors should note that in January and February, dry winds from the desert may blow from the north, albeit with minimal impact on the beachfront. Ghana experiences rainy seasons in spring and autumn, making summer and winter the ideal times to visit Bojo Beach.

Despite its distance from the city, Bojo Beach offers various amenities, including toilets, changing rooms, a bar serving food and drinks, a reliable rescue service, and beach equipment rentals. Weekdays are relatively less crowded, but weekends see an influx of visitors, although locals tend to favour beaches with free access.

Tourists can find several hotels in close proximity to Bojo Beach. Among them, the 3-star Bojo Beach Resort stands out with its prime location and exceptional service. The resort features a private beach area, a bar, a restaurant serving both local and international cuisine, and an outdoor swimming pool. For those seeking active recreation, the hotel offers beach volleyball and football, horseback riding, cycling, sea fishing, and water skiing.

In addition to the beach bar and the resort's restaurant, visitors can also savour local delicacies from the food vendors found at Bojo Beach, further enhancing the experience of this idyllic coastal retreat.



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