Exploring the Enchanting Avu Lagoon Wetland: A haven for biodiversity and nature enthusiasts

Stories and facts

This freshwater marsh offers a unique ecosystem, encompassing a shallow lake spanning approximately 10 to 12 kilometres, surrounded by meandering streams, rivers, and lush aquatic vegetation. Amidst this watery landscape, a remarkable inhabitant thrives – the Sitatunga, the world's only aquatic antelope. Notably, the Avu Lagoon wetland remains the sole location in all of Ghana where these majestic creatures can still be found. Adding to the allure, the wetland boasts a vibrant avian population, making birdwatching a delightful and rewarding activity. Keen observers might even catch glimpses of reptiles and small mammals, enhancing the immersive natural experience.

Undoubtedly, the centrepiece of the Avu Lagoon wetland is the unique opportunity to witness the Sitatunga antelope in its aquatic habitat. These graceful creatures can only be found in this remarkable wetland, making each encounter a truly exceptional experience. The wetland's diverse bird species provide endless entertainment for bird enthusiasts, with the tranquil surroundings resonating with the calls and melodies of various water-dwelling birds. Additionally, the wetland's ecosystem supports an array of reptiles and small mammals, contributing to the area's rich biodiversity.

Begin your exploration by visiting the visitor centre, where you can arrange a river tour that offers an insightful glimpse into the wetland's intricacies. Guided by local experts, you'll embark on a canoe journey along the Lotor River, immersing yourself in the aquatic birdlife and observing traditional fishing practices. With a bit of luck, you might even spot a green mamba basking in the treetops. Remember to bring your binoculars to fully appreciate the beauty around you. Duration: 2 hours. Difficulty

Discover the famed Baobab tree grove at Avu Lagoon, a captivating sight that beckons you to unwind in its presence. You can choose to relax or enjoy your lunch in the nearby summer hut, surrounded by the serene ambience of trees and birds.Embark on an immersive canoe safari, navigating through the flooded fig forest that unfolds within Avu Lagoon's boundaries. This adventure promises encounters with migratory birds and a glimpse into the lives of traditional subsistence fishermen working harmoniously with the wetland's resources. Expert guides in Xavi will lead you through this full-day experience.

Immerse yourself in the heart of the community-protected area by exploring the Sitatunga viewing platform. Two wildlife viewing platforms provide opportunities for sightings and photography. The experience involves a 45-minute canoe ride followed by a 30-minute walk on the platform. Duration: Canoe ride 45 minutes, platform walk 30 minutes.

Avu Lagoon welcomes visitors throughout the year, with the added charm of bird activity being particularly vibrant and melodious during the early hours of dawn and the serene moments of dusk.

For those seeking to extend their stay, Avu Lagoon offers comfortable homestay options with amenities including showers, flush toilets, fans, lights, and bed linens (please note towels are not provided). The local community provides hearty meals prepared by skilled cooks, while liquid refreshments can also be enjoyed within the village.The enchanting world of Avu Lagoon is accessible from 8 am to 5 pm daily, ensuring ample time for you to immerse yourself in its natural wonders.

To reach this captivating destination, follow the Avu Lagoon ecotourism project signs from the main Accra road at Dabala junction. As you proceed, you'll be guided to Tosukpo, where the welcoming sign and knowledgeable tour guides await. Alternatively, you can take the route from the Accra-Aflao road at Akatsi, turning onto a dirt road and following signs for approximately 18 kilometres (around 20 minutes) until you arrive at the visitor centre situated at the village entrance. For transportation, trotros are available from Accra and Ho, while local taxis can be hired from Akatsi market along the dirt road leading to the Avu Lagoon visitor centre.

In the serene embrace of the Avu Lagoon wetland, a world of captivating biodiversity and immersive experiences awaits, offering a glimpse into the marvels of nature that are both rare and rejuvenating.



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