Electricity Company of Ghana: MD attributes recent power outages to maintenance challenges

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In a recent development that has sparked controversy across the nation, the Managing Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Samuel Dubik Mahama pointed fingers at major maintenance issues as the root cause of the recent power outages that have plagued the country during an interview with Bola Ray. The statement comes after being asked about the recent power outages in the country.

Speaking to Bola Ray during an interview on Starr Chat, the Managing Director stated “We are having major maintenance issues, the issue we are having now has nothing to do with fuel. You are relying on a power plant that is to give you about 360 megawatts then around 4 pm the gas emergency safety valve has a problem. What do you do? It is a machine. He further stated that “The machine failed us and we kept on saying that it’s a machine issue that we were trying to fix,”. Finally he rendered an apology by saying “I must apologize to Ghanaians, when it started we should actually have the confidence to have a chat with everybody and actually put out a statement.”

However, the recent and irregular distribution of the power across the nation has raised suspicions and drew criticism from the general public. Opposition leaders and concerned citizens have accused the ECG of using the maintenance excuse as a camouflage to cover up systemic inefficiencies and mismanagement within the company.

The recent power outage across the country has sparked debates surrounding Ghana's energy sector and the government's handling of the electricity crisis. With businesses and households already grappling with irregular power supply, the latest developments have fueled public frustration and eroded confidence in the authorities ability to address the situation effectively.



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