Ghana Oil Company (GOIL): Fueling Ghana's energy evolution

Stories and facts

GOIL PLC, previously named GOIL Company Limited and Ghana Oil Company, holds a central position in Ghana's oil and gas marketing industry, with a storied history dating to its establishment on June 14, 1960. As the leading oil marketing company in Ghana and the only indigenous-owned petroleum marketer, GOIL PLC has been instrumental in shaping the nation's energy sector.

The company's origins trace back to AGIP Ghana Company Limited, established in partnership with AGIP SPA of Italy and SNAM S.P.A., evolving over the years into the state-owned enterprise it is today. In 1974, the Government of Ghana acquired full ownership, leading to the renaming of the company to Ghana Oil Company Limited. Subsequently, in 2019, the company underwent a name change to GOIL PLC, reflecting its growth and expansion within the petroleum sector and beyond.

Underpinning GOIL PLC's success is its commitment to innovation and market adaptation. In response to market challenges in the mid-2000s, GOIL embarked on a strategic rebranding campaign, introducing a new logo and slogan, "energy with a smile." This initiative, coupled with ISO certification and expanded service station networks, reaffirmed GOIL's position as Ghana's leading petroleum marketer.

Despite challenges, including a tragic incident at a GOIL fuel station in 2015, the company remains resilient and forward-thinking. In a bid to strengthen Ghana's indigenous presence in the oil industry, GOIL entered into a partnership with ExxonMobil and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) for deep-water oil exploration in the Cape Three Points area, underscoring its strategic shift towards upstream petroleum activities.

At the helm of GOIL PLC is a seasoned leadership team, led by Board Chairman Mr. Reginald Daniel Laryea and CEO Kwame Osei-Prempeh. Together, they steer the company towards continued growth and excellence in Ghana's dynamic energy sector.

GOIL's unwavering commitment to quality and service excellence has earned it numerous accolades, including multiple Ghana Energy Awards and Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) awards over the years. Notably, Chairman Peter Bartels was honored with the "Outstanding Board Chairman of the year 2018" award.

Today, GOIL PLC's operations span petroleum product marketing and distribution across Ghana, supported by an extensive retail network and strategic partnerships with industry leaders like ENI SPA (AGIP) of Italy. With a focus on customer satisfaction, innovation, and community engagement, GOIL PLC continues to set benchmarks for excellence in Ghana's energy sector, poised for sustained growth and impact in the years ahead.



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