Graphic Communications Group, the first Ghanaian publishing company since 1950

Stories and facts

Graphic Communications Group Ltd. (GCGL) originated in 1950 as the West African Graphic Company Limited in Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, under the ownership of the Daily Mirror Group of Britain. Despite initial resistance from local press owners, it gained approval and launched its flagship publication, the Daily Graphic, in 1950. The introduction of The Sunday Mirror (now The Mirror) in 1953 further expanded its influence.

Following Ghana's independence in 1957, GCGL rebranded as Ghana Graphic Company Ltd. and transitioned to government ownership in 1964. Over the years, it diversified into packaging in 1973 and introduced color printing in 1995. In 1999, it transformed into Graphic Communications Group Ltd., launching new publications like Junior Graphic and Graphic Business.

Embracing modern printing technology in 2012, GCGL enhanced efficiency and expanded into courier services and printing material sales in 2014. Throughout its journey, GCGL has epitomized resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence, solidifying its position as a leading media conglomerate in Ghana's evolving media landscape.

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