IMANI Center for Policy and Education: Shaping Ghana's policy landscape

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The IMANI Center for Policy and Education, a leading think tank headquartered in Accra, Ghana, stands as a beacon of free-market advocacy and policy analysis. Established in 2004 by Franklin Cudjoe, who currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer, IMANI has emerged as a formidable force in addressing complex social issues through market-oriented solutions.

Founded with a vision to promote economic freedom and individual rights, IMANI has continually championed the principles of free-market economics since its inception. Under the leadership of Franklin Cudjoe, the organization has expanded its reach and influence, becoming a prominent voice in Ghana's policy discourse.

IMANI's operations revolve around four key thematic areas: rule of law, market growth and development, individual rights, human security, and institutional development. Leveraging platforms like, which offers content in multiple languages, including Swahili, IMANI extends its impact beyond Ghana's borders, engaging with a diverse audience across Africa.

Through media engagements, publications, research initiatives, and seminars, IMANI actively shapes public opinion and influences policy decisions in Ghana. The organization's commitment to rigorous analysis and evidence-based advocacy sets it apart as a trusted source of information and insight.Led by a dynamic team of visionaries, IMANI boasts a leadership roster comprising Franklin Cudjoe as President, Bright Simons as Vice President (in charge of research), and Kofi Bentil as Vice President. Together, they steer the organization towards its mission of fostering economic prosperity and social development through sound policy recommendations.

IMANI's impact transcends national borders, earning accolades from prestigious institutions worldwide. Ranked by the Global Go-To Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, IMANI was recognized as the fifth most influential think tank in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 2009 Index Report. Notably, it was the only African think tank to feature in the top 25 "most innovative" globally, highlighting its commitment to groundbreaking solutions.As a non-profit organization, IMANI relies on the generous support of individuals and foundations to sustain its operations. Notably, the think tank secured the prestigious $100,000 Anthony Fisher Venture Grant in 2008, further bolstering its capacity to drive positive change through research and advocacy.

The IMANI Center for Policy and Education stands at the forefront of Ghana's policy landscape, advocating for economic freedom, individual rights, and sustainable development. With a track record of excellence and innovation, IMANI continues to shape the trajectory of policymaking, empowering communities, and advancing prosperity across the continent.




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