Springfield, first Ghanaian energy company to achieve oil production milestone in Ghana

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Springfield, the first indigenous energy company in Ghana, has achieved a significant milestone by commencing oil production, one year after its notable discovery.

This accomplishment follows the unitization of Sankofa and Afina Fields, with Afina holding 54.545% and Sankofa 45.455% of the combined field. ENI operates the Sankofa Field in the Offshore Cape Three Points Area, while Springfield operates the Afina Field in West Cape Three Points Block 2. Springfield's drilling in October 2019 led to doubling its proven oil reserves to 1.5 billion barrels and adding 0.7tcf of gas.

The combined field currently produces 58,000 barrels per day, with potential expansion to 115,000 barrels per day in four years.

Ghana's Minister of Energy notified the companies about unitization to ensure optimal resource exploitation. Springfield's CEO, Kevin Okyere, expressed pride in this partnership with ENI, highlighting its benefits for Ghana. Springfield's journey began in 2017 as a wholly-owned Ghanaian company, signaling increased local participation in the country's energy sector.

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