Tema Harbour: Gateway to Ghana's maritime success

Stories and facts

Tema Harbour, situated in the southeastern region of Ghana along the Gulf of Guinea, is a pivotal maritime activity hub. This bustling harbor, a member of the International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH), holds a rich history dating back to the pre-independence era of the Gold Coast.

The idea for constructing the Tema Harbour was initially proposed by British Colonial Officers, envisioning its establishment in the old fishing village of Torman. However, the rapid industrialization post-Ghana's independence led to renaming the town to Tema, derived from the former fishing village's name. Under the visionary leadership of Ghana's first president, Kwame Nkrumah, construction commenced in the 1950s, guided by Theodore S. Clerk, the renowned city planner and Ghana's first architect. By 1962, the Tema Harbour was commissioned, marking a significant milestone in Ghana's maritime infrastructure.

In 2014, a notable monument known as the Meridian Rock was unveiled within the harbor, symbolizing the intersection of the Prime Meridian and the Equator.

The strategic importance of Tema Harbour transcends national boundaries, as evidenced by the sister-port agreement signed with Bridgetown Port in the Caribbean during the visit of the Prime Minister of Barbados in November 2019.

Covering nearly four million square meters of land, with half of it reclaimed from the sea, Tema Harbour is a vital link in Ghana's export and import ecosystem. It serves as a key export point for cocoa beans and processes shipments bound for Northern African nations, handling an impressive 80% of Ghana's national exports and imports.

Looking to the future, Tema Harbour is undergoing significant expansion and modernization. A $115 million investment is underway to upgrade infrastructure and facilities, including the acquisition and installation of cutting-edge equipment such as cranes and reach-stackers. These enhancements aim to bolster cargo-handling capacity, aligning with Ghana's robust economic growth trajectory, which is anticipated to sustain at nearly 8% expansion. This investment underscores Tema Harbour's commitment to facilitating trade and commerce, further solidifying its role as a vital maritime gateway in West Africa.



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