Akwantukese Festival: Preserving history through tradition in New Juaben

Akwantukese Festival

Stories and facts

The Akwantukese Festival holds a significant place in the cultural calendar of the New Juaben traditional area in Ghana's Eastern Region.

This vibrant celebration is rooted in history, marking the heroic migration of the Juabens and their allies from Asante to establish the settlement of New Juaben in Koforidua over a century ago.

Originating from Juaben in the Ashanti Region, this journey, which took place approximately 135 years ago, is remembered annually through the Akwantukese Festival.

It serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and unity that enabled the community to forge a new home in the Eastern Region, contributing to the rich tapestry of Ghanaian heritage.

During the festival, locals come together to commemorate their ancestors' courage and determination, with festivities that include traditional dances, rituals, and storytelling.

Through these cultural expressions, the festival not only honors the past but also strengthens the bonds of community among the people of New Juaben.

The Akwantukese Festival underscores the enduring spirit of the Juaben people and their lasting legacy in shaping the history and identity of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

As it continues to be celebrated year after year, it remains a symbol of pride and heritage for all who participate in this lively and meaningful cultural event.



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