Glimetoto Festival: Honouring Adaklu ancestry with war songs and traditional dances

Stories and facts

The Glimetoto Festival is an annual event celebrated by the chiefs and people of the Adaklu Traditional Area in Ghana's Volta Region. This vibrant festival encompasses the communities of Kpeve, Klikor, and Tsohor, and is typically held in November.

The festival's celebrations feature a grand durbar of chiefs, which serves as a central gathering for the settlement of various matters within the community.

The cultural richness of the Adaklu people is showcased through performances that include war songs, drumming, and traditional dances, highlighting the bravery and heritage of their ancestors.

The Glimetoto Festival holds significant historical importance, as it commemorates the migration of the Adaklu people from Notsie in Togoland to their current homeland.

This annual event not only preserves the history and traditions of the Adaklu but also fosters a sense of unity and cultural pride among the community members.



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