Kpledjoo Festival: Tema's annual harvest celebration

Stories and facts

The Kpledjoo Festival, an annual harvest celebration, is a vibrant event observed by the chiefs and people of Tema in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Traditionally held in late March or the first week of April, the festival serves as a cultural cornerstone for the community.

Central to the Kpledjoo Festival is the goal of restoring the Sakumo Lagoon to ensure a bountiful harvest. In preparation for this, a five-month temporary ban is imposed on trapping crabs and fishing from the lagoon. This period of restraint is crucial for allowing the lagoon to recover and thrive.

Before the public can access the lagoon, significant rituals are performed by the priest of the Sakumo Lagoon on its banks. These rituals are essential in sanctifying the lagoon and are a respected part of the festival's traditions.

The festival reaches its peak with a grand durbar, a gathering marked by joyous celebrations. Chiefs and inhabitants come together in a display of unity and communal spirit, sharing hugs and engaging in various festivities.

The Kpledjoo Festival not only highlights the cultural heritage of Tema but also underscores the community's commitment to sustainable practices and reverence for their natural resources.



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