Loom Art Gallery: Frances Ademola’s artistic haven since 1969

Stories and facts

Loom’s Frances Ademola presides over a beloved gallery that showcases paintings and sculptures from a distinguished selection of Ghana's foremost artists, along with a few expressive pieces from Nigerian artists.

Since its inception in 1969, the modest space has been overflowing with the works of nearly 100 artists.

When Ademola is present, she provides delightful company, engaging exuberantly about artists such as Seth and Serge Clottey and Gabriel Eklou, and generously sharing her extensive knowledge of both the historical and contemporary Ghanaian art scenes. Loom is widely regarded as one of Ghana's premier galleries.

The gallery began as a small art shop on the ground floor of a house at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, a building rumored to be haunted.

Interestingly, that “haunted house” is now the location of the GCB Bank, Circle Branch, as noted by Mrs. Ademola. Samlotte House, the gallery's current home, has a fittingly creative background. Designed in the early 1970s by the renowned architect Kenneth Scott, the building's interior attracts attention with its fascinating, artistic design.

The building houses the gallery and two floors of offices. The name "SAMLOTTE" is a combination of ‘Samuel’ and ‘Charlotte,’ the first names of Mrs. Ademola’s parents.

The gallery continues to thrive, with many more artists scheduled to have their works exhibited in the coming months.



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