Ablade Glover: Celebrated Ghanaian painter and founder of the Artists Alliance Gallery

Stories and facts

Ablade Glover, a distinguished Ghanaian painter and educator, has made significant contributions to the global art scene over many years.

Born in 1934 in Accra's La community, Glover's artistic journey began with education at Presbyterian mission schools before studying textile design in London and art education in Newcastle upon Tyne. Returning to Ghana, he served at the University of Kumasi's College of Art, where he rose to the rank of associate professor. Glover's impact extended beyond academia by founding the Artists Alliance Gallery in Accra, providing a platform for emerging artists and showcasing West African artistry.

Known for his dynamic style blending abstraction and realism, Glover's works often depict Ghanaian life, particularly the courage and elegance of African women. His achievements have earned him prestigious awards and fellowships, cementing his legacy as a Ghanaian art and education pioneer.

Ablade Glover FGA FRSA CV, a renowned Ghanaian painter and educator, has left an indelible mark on the global art scene over several decades. With a prolific exhibition history and works in prestigious collections worldwide, Glover is celebrated as a seminal figure in the West African art community.

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