Bono Manso Slave Market: A historical hub of Ghana's slave trade

Bono Manso Slave Market

Stories and facts

The Bono Manso Slave Market in the Bono East Region holds significant historical importance in the context of the slave trade in Ghana.

This market served as a crucial hub where slaves from northern Ghana, including areas like Salaga and Pikworo, were brought for sorting and grading.

Here, the captives were divided based on their physical strength and age, with the strongest individuals selected for transportation to the coast and subsequent sale to the Americas. Those deemed weaker were left behind in the town.

Today, the Bono Manso Slave Market stands as a poignant site for many people of African descent seeking to learn about the slave trade and trace their ancestral roots.

Remarkably, some of the trees used to tether the slaves as they awaited sale and shipment to Europe and the Americas are still standing, serving as somber reminders of this dark chapter in history.

The market has become an important educational and historical site, attracting visitors who wish to understand and reflect upon the enduring legacy of the transatlantic slave trade.



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