The Ghana Association of Writers (GAW): Nurturing literary excellence since 1957

Ghana Association of Writers

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Since its inception in 1957, the Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) has been a cornerstone of Ghana's literary landscape. Although facing challenges following the overthrow of the First Republic, the organization experienced a resurgence in the 1970s and 1980s, solidifying its position as a vital hub for literary enthusiasts.

GAW's aims are expansive, reflecting its commitment to fostering a vibrant literary community in Ghana. These include uniting writers of all genres, preserving Ghanaian literary heritage, advancing the interests of Ghanaian writers, and nurturing literature in both local and foreign languages. Additionally, GAW is dedicated to documenting and conserving Ghana's rich oral traditions and cultural elements while promoting literary awareness among the Ghanaian public.

With branches spanning across all ten regions of Ghana, along with tertiary chapters and literary clubs in senior high schools, GAW boasts a membership exceeding 1,000 individuals. Its reach extends far and wide, encompassing diverse literary enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Among its flagship programs is the GAW Book Festival (GAWBOFEST), a vibrant annual event established in 2011. With its theme "Empowering Ghana through Reading," GAWBOFEST brings together stakeholders from the book industry, including writers, educators, policymakers, and the general public, in a celebration of literature through book readings, poetry sessions, signings, and various engaging activities.

The GAW Schools Outreach Programme (GAWSOP), inaugurated in 2012 in partnership with the Ghana Education Service (GES), aims to cultivate a culture of reading and writing among students. Through literary clubs in public senior high schools nationwide, GAWSOP encourages students to explore their creative potential, culminating in the publication of the GAWSOP Filla magazine featuring student-authored content.

GAW also hosts regular events like GAW Sunday, a monthly literary gathering, and conducts workshops to enhance the literary skills of its members. Additionally, the organization recognizes and promotes literary excellence through its Annual Literary Awards held every November.

Furthermore, GAW actively participates in international exchange programs, fostering collaboration with writers' associations worldwide and promoting its mission on a global scale.

As a driving force in Ghana's literary community, GAW continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing talent, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting the love of literature among Ghanaians and beyond.



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