Berla Mundi: Trailblazing media maven, advocate and voice artist

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Berlinda Addardey, widely known as Berla Mundi, stands as a multifaceted force in the realm of Ghanaian media, recognized not only for her charismatic on-screen presence but also for her advocacy work and vocal artistry. Born on April 1, 1988, she has carved a niche for herself as a media personality, women's advocate, and voice artist.

Berla's educational journey took her through St. Theresa's School, Achimota School, and the University of Ghana, where she pursued a degree in linguistics and psychology. Additionally, she delved into the study of French at Alliance Francais and attended the Ghana Institute of Journalism, shaping a diverse educational background.

Berla embarked on her media journey after securing the position of the second runner-up in the 2010 Miss Maliaka beauty pageant. Her early career saw her contribute significantly to GHOne TV, a subsidiary of the EIB Network, where she worked for five years. Currently affiliated with TV3 Ghana, a subsidiary of Media General Ghana Limited, Berla has hosted reality shows, corporate events, and even helmed Africa's inaugural syndicated show on DSTV, "Moment with MO."

In 2019, she co-hosted the 20th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) alongside Kwami Sefa Kayi, marking a milestone in her career. Her accomplishments were further highlighted when she was recognized as the most influential Ghanaian in 2017 by Avance Media and honored with the Most Stylish Media Personality award at the Glitz Style Awards.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Berla is known for her fervent advocacy for girls' and women's rights. In 2018, she launched a mentoring and career guidance project aimed at providing skills training to young women. The Berla Mundi Foundation, established in 2015, stands as a testament to her commitment to social causes, and she also founded the B.You project.

Her impactful work has brought her collaborations with international organizations such as Samsung and the Global Citizen Festival.

Berla's hosting prowess is evident in her extensive portfolio, having hosted a range of shows from 2013 to the present. Notable mentions include "Rhythmz Live" and "The Late Afternoon Show" on GHOne, "Miss Malaika," "MTN Hitmaker," and "The Day Show" on TV3, showcasing her versatility and widespread appeal.

Berla Mundi's talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed, as she has received several accolades throughout her career. Some of the notable awards include Best Female Events MC at the Ghana Events Awards (2017), TV Female Entertainment Show Host of the Year at the RTP Awards (2018), Favorite TV Presenter at the People's Choice Celebrity Awards (2017), and Media Personality of the Year at the Glitz Style Awards (2018). Avance Media also acknowledged her as the Most Influential Media Personality in 2020, and she received the Ghana Woman of the Year, Young Star Award in 2020, further solidifying her impact in the media landscape.

In addition to her roles in media, Berla serves as a TVET Ambassador, underlining her commitment to education and skills development.

Berla Mundi's journey in the media industry is not just a narrative of success but also a story of influence, advocacy, and philanthropy. Her unwavering commitment to empowering women and her ability to captivate audiences make her a true icon in the Ghanaian media landscape.



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