I was affected mentally after losing my parents - Comedian SDK Dele

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Ghanaian skit comedian SDK Dele, also known as Sadik Sulley, has shared his struggle with depression and the journey of seeking assistance. During a live studio discussion on 3FM on February 26, he openly recounted how the loss of both parents impacted his mental health and professional life.

SDK Dele detailed the frequent experiences of sadness and hopelessness, drawing a parallel to the relentlessness of malaria. Reflecting on the emotional toll of losing both parents, he expressed the challenge, stating, "Yeah, I do get it more often, and that's been crazy since I lost both parents. It really eats into me."

Describing the internal conflict, he likened it to the progression of a health issue, emphasizing the necessity of addressing it rather than letting it exacerbate. SDK Dele emphasized the decision to seek the guidance of a therapist, acknowledging the importance of professional advice in navigating the complexities of mental health.

Addressing the public-facing aspect of his profession, SDK Dele highlighted the contrast between his on-screen demeanor and the underlying struggles that unfolded when the cameras were off. He candidly shared the emotional weight carried behind the scenes, emphasizing the need for authenticity when discussing mental health.

SDK Dele admitted to grappling with a loss of inspiration and motivation for his work, acknowledging instances where he found it challenging to fulfill assigned tasks. Describing a creative block, he revealed reaching a point where inspiration seemed elusive, hindering his ability to engage with his responsibilities.

In the pursuit of healing, SDK Dele disclosed his commitment to ongoing therapy, attesting to its effectiveness in his life. He encouraged others facing similar challenges to consider seeking professional help, emphasizing the positive impact it can have.

Expressing gratitude to his fans and friends for their unwavering support, SDK Dele conveyed his determination to overcome depression and persist in bringing laughter to his audience through his skits. His openness aims to destigmatize conversations around mental health and inspire others to prioritize their well-being.

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