Mo' Spence asserts dominance as Afro-Dancehall queen

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Canadian-born Ghanaian-Jamaican sensation Mo’ Spence has made a bold declaration that has reverberated through the Ghanaian music landscape. Beyond her role as a singer, Mo’ Spence, a versatile artist, engages in crafting music, producing top-tier visuals, and weaving compelling lyrics, showcasing her multifaceted artistic prowess.

Under the banner of the renowned Ghanaian Afrodancehall label, Red Panther Music, led by the influential Mr. Logic, Mo’ Spence officially launched her career in May 2023 at Accra’s Marriott International Hotel. Currently, she is in the midst of promoting her EP 'Whine Down Low,' and recently, the music video for the EP's lead single, 'Eno Be Easy,' was unveiled. The video was skillfully directed by the experienced video director REX.

In an exclusive interview on Citi TV’s Breakfastdaily, Mo’ Spence, also known as Monique Spence, confidently bestowed upon herself the title of the “newest Dancehall Queen.” With unwavering self-assurance, she boldly proclaimed, “I’m the newest Dancehall Queen... I am the hope for females doing Afrodancehall music.” Mo’ Spence’s assertive declaration has undeniably sparked attention, establishing her as a prominent figure to watch in the vibrant Ghanaian music scene.

Her undeniable talent and relentless determination leave audiences intrigued, and only time will reveal if Mo’ Spence will indeed solidify her position as the next reigning Dancehall Queen.



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