Spiritual attack and drug addiction derail rapper Agbeko's music career

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Ghanaian rapper Bismark Yankah, popularly known as Agbeko, has shared his journey of adversity in the music industry. As a former member of 'The Last Two', a group founded by music producer Hammer, Agbeko revealed his struggles with homelessness over the past eighteen months. He attributed his downfall to issues such as drug abuse, negative peer influences, and personal missteps, while also acknowledging spiritual challenges.

Despite these hardships, Agbeko refrains from blaming others or the music industry for his situation. Instead, he takes responsibility for his circumstances and expresses a readiness to undergo rehabilitation. He maintains hope for a return to the music scene with the help of support and assistance.

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In the interview, Agbeko recounted instances where Hammer, his former colleague and mentor, assisted him during encounters with law enforcement. These incidents often arose from his attempts to find shelter in marginalized areas subject to regular security inspections.

Check out the life of Agbeko below.

While recognizing the complexity of his challenges, Agbeko remains determined to overcome them and lead a positive life. Although he has made progress in abstaining from drugs, he admits that his current living conditions hinder his efforts towards rehabilitation and achieving the desired improvements in his life.



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