Presbyterian Boys Secondary School (PRESEC): A legacy of excellence and leadership

Stories and facts

Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School (PRESEC) is a renowned secondary boarding school for boys located in Legon, Accra, Ghana. Founded in 1938 under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast, the school has a rich history rooted in the efforts of Basel missionary-theologian Nicholas Timothy Clerk, who served as the first Synod Clerk of the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast from 1918 to 1932. Clerk's advocacy for education led to the establishment of PRESEC, which initially opened with 16 boys and four teachers under the leadership of E.A.W. Engmann, the first headmaster.

Originally situated in Odumase-Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana, PRESEC moved to its current location in Legon in 1968. The school's crest features a shield with the Presbyterian symbol, incorporating the St. Andrew Cross-Scottish flag with the Swiss flag and a burning torch in the center. Beneath the shield is the school motto, "In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen," meaning "In Thy Light We Shall See Light." The school anthem, "Happy Are We," was written by J.L. Anang and transcribed by Stephen Appiah Danquah.

PRESEC has strong ties with its sister schools, Aburi Girls' Senior High School and Krobo Girls Senior High School. The school's alumni, referred to as "Ɔdadeɛ," are celebrated for their achievements and contributions. One of the school's cherished traditions involves the baobab tree, a symbol of knowledge, resourcefulness, and strength, located on the Odumase campus. This tree, around which new students were traditionally initiated, remains a significant emblem for the alumni.

In 1968, the school relocated to Legon, where it expanded its facilities and continued to excel academically and in extracurricular activities. The Legon campus began with four boarding houses: Kwansa House, Clerk House, Engmann House, and Akro House. Over the years, additional houses such as Riis House, Labone House, Ako-Adjei House, Owusu-Parry House, House 9, and House 10 were added to accommodate the growing student body.

PRESEC's alliance with Aburi Girls' Secondary School, known as PRE-GISS, fosters collaboration and camaraderie between the two institutions. In December 2021, the alumni group from the class of 1981 launched Odadeɛ Radio, an internet radio station serving the school and its global alumni community. This station aims to engage students in media-related fields and support educational and mentorship programs.

Throughout its history, PRESEC has garnered numerous accolades. It has won the Ghana National Science and Maths Quiz eight times, solidifying its reputation for academic excellence. The school has also achieved significant success in various competitions, including the National Constitution Quiz, the National Science College, and international events like the International Junior Science Olympiad.

PRESEC's legacy is further highlighted by the accomplishments of its alumni, including prominent figures such as the Speaker of Parliament of Ghana, Aaron Mike Ocquaye, and multiple Members of Parliament. The school's commitment to excellence in education and holistic development continues to inspire and shape future leaders, maintaining its status as a premier institution in Ghana.



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