Apetorku Shrine: Heart of spiritual and community life in Dagbamete

Stories and facts

The Apetorku Shrine, also known as Gbodzi in Ewe, serves as the spiritual and communal nucleus of its village, providing spiritual healing and protection to its members.

The shrine hosts regular Sunday worship, daily pledges and vows, and two major festivals at Easter and the end of October, complemented by traditional drumming and dance integral to its rituals.

Adherents of the shrine revere Apetorku, a deity within the Vodu African traditional religion, which emphasizes self-discipline, unity, and peace. Through its teachings, the shrine cultivates a strong sense of community and spiritual development among its followers.

In addition to its spiritual function, the Apetorku Shrine plays a pivotal role in community development initiatives, spearheading projects such as electrification and water supply. These endeavors underscore the shrine's significant social impact, contributing to the village's overall welfare and progress.

The shrine's rituals and ceremonies are overseen by the chief priest and a team of assistant priests, ensuring the faithful adherence to traditions and the spiritual well-being of the community. Their leadership is essential in preserving the shrine's vibrant religious practices and community services.

An interview with the late Chief Priest Hunua Yao Dunyo provides further insight into the practices and profound influence of the Apetorku Shrine on the community.



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