Fiok Festival: Celebration of heritage and valour by the people of Sandema in the Upper East Region

Stories and facts

The Fiok Festival, also known as the Feok Festival, is an annual celebration held by the chiefs and people of Sandema in the Upper East Region of Ghana. This vibrant festival takes place every December, drawing participants and spectators from various villages within the region.

The Fiok Festival is renowned for its lively war dances, where performers are armed with traditional weapons such as bows and arrows, short axes, shields, and spears.

These dancers reenact scenes from historic battles, vividly bringing to life past conflicts and showcasing the bravery and resilience of their ancestors. Among the highlights are dramatic portrayals of resistance and the historic defeat of the notorious warrior, Babatu.

The Fiok Festival holds significant cultural importance for the Builsa people. It serves as a powerful expression of their identity and solidarity, reinforcing communal bonds and fostering a sense of pride in their heritage.

The festival is not only a celebration of past victories but also a vital affirmation of the Builsa tribe's enduring spirit and unity in contemporary times.



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