Dodoleglime Festival: Honouring ancestral bravery and progress in Ghana's Ve traditional area

Stories and facts

The Dodoleglime Festival, an annual celebration held every November, is a significant cultural event for the chiefs and people of the Ve Traditional Area in the Hohoe district of Ghana's Volta Region.

This festival, whose name means "coming out of the wall" in the Ewe language, commemorates the historic migration of the Ve people from Notsie in Togo to their current location in southeastern Ghana during the 17th century.

This migration was driven by their desire to escape the oppressive rule of Togbe Agorkoli. Honouring the ingenuity and bravery of their ancestors, who secretly dug a hole in the wall surrounding Notsie to facilitate their escape, the festival celebrates these heroic acts of their forebears.

The festival is not only a time for reflection and commemoration but also for various activities that benefit both the Ve people and visitors. Fundraising events are held to support essential development projects in education and health. For instance, the Ve Educational Endowment Fund, established in 2001, aims to provide financial assistance to talented but underprivileged students in the area.

Additionally, public health forums are organized to raise awareness about critical health issues such as malaria and HIV. Sporting events, including soccer matches, add a festive and competitive spirit to the celebrations.

A key feature of the Dodoleglime Festival is the annual durbar, where the progress of ongoing development projects is reviewed, and new initiatives are launched.

In one notable instance, the Ve-Lukusi Improvement Society announced the acquisition of a 15-acre plot to construct a replica wall symbolizing the original wall their ancestors breached. This project aims to serve as a lasting reminder of their historical struggles and to become a significant tourist attraction.

Through these activities, the Dodoleglime Festival not only preserves the rich history and culture of the Ve people but also drives community development and fosters a spirit of unity and progress.



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