Eternity Music Group: A decade of impact in Ghana's gospel ministry and music

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Team Eternity, a renowned Ghanaian gospel group with a decade of experience, has established itself as much more than a choir.

Team Eternity's journey began as a fellowship of friends in high school, united by their faith and a shared desire to spread the gospel. Founded by Neil Ate, who envisioned music as a tool for evangelism rather than mere entertainment, the group has grown significantly over the years.

Today, Team Eternity is a close-knit family of over 50 members, including 21 talented singers and instrumentalists, as well as a broader network of professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and multimedia specialists who support the group's mission behind the scenes.

The group's commitment to its members is evident in its inclusive philosophy. Believing that everyone has a role, Team Eternity ensures that even those who do not sing can contribute meaningfully. This inclusive approach fosters a strong sense of unity and purpose within the group, which has been instrumental in their rise to prominence. Their latest song, "DEFE DEFE," has taken the gospel music scene by storm, garnering international attention.

As they continue to inspire listeners around the globe, Team Eternity promises more groundbreaking music in the future. With a mission to share the message of hope and salvation through music, particularly focusing on the youth, the group is poised to continue making a significant impact.

However, Team Eternity's journey has not been without its challenges. Recently, the group faced serious allegations of copyright infringement concerning their hit song "Defe Defe." Veteran music producer Kwame Mickey accused the group of unlawfully sampling a song by his artist, Helleluyah Voices.

The controversy came to light when Kwame Mickey took to social media to voice his grievances. In his post, he questioned the originality of "Defe Defe," pointing out striking similarities between its title and lyrics and those of a song released by Helleluyah Voices 15 years ago. Mickey claimed that both songs share the same lines, composure, and arrangement, albeit with different melodies.

As the accusations gain traction, the gospel music community and fans alike are eagerly awaiting a resolution. Team Eternity has yet to respond publicly to the allegations, and it remains to be seen how this controversy will unfold.

Despite the current challenges, Team Eternity remains committed to their mission of using music as a medium for evangelism. Their decade-long journey, marked by soulful performances and impactful collaborations, continues to inspire and uplift audiences around the world. As the group navigates this turbulent period, their dedication to spreading the gospel message remains unwavering, promising a future filled with more inspirational music and ministry.



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