3 Ghanaian musicians who are also known fashion icons

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Within the realm of fashion, Ghanaian musicians have enthusiastically participated in fashion shows, showcasing not only their musical talents but also their flair for style. The runway has become a stage for these artists, where their striking presence has captured attention and garnered headlines. In this article, we shine a spotlight on three exceptional musicians who have not only embraced fashion runways but have also become the focal point of the spotlight.

Black Sherif

Securing the top spot on the list is Black Sherif. He commanded attention with a remarkable runway appearance during Paris Fashion Week, making it his second consecutive showcase within a week after debuting at London Fashion Week.

Clad in Off-White attire, Black Sherif captivated the audience with his confident walk and distinctive style, leaving a lasting impression. His proactive engagement in the global fashion scene reinforces his position as a rising star, creating ripples not just in the music industry but also in the realm of fashion.

Black Sherif

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Gasmilla attracted notice during the 2023 edition of Rhythms on Da Runway. The Ghanaian hiplife artist, Odartei Milla Lamptey, renowned for his chart-topping track "Telemo," made a noteworthy appearance on the runway. He showcased a stunning Ghanaian ensemble complemented by local leaves draped around his neck.


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Singer Fameye graced the runway as a model during the recently concluded Glitz Africa Fashion Weekend show. The 'Praise' hitmaker showcased designs for Jants Collection, a bespoke African brand known for blending modern clothing with traditional African styles.

The event, held at The Lotte in Accra, witnessed several designers and models making bold fashion statements. However, Fameye's debut on the runway stood out notably. He captivated the audience in two striking outfits, featuring an African-inspired jumpsuit and a sleeveless t-shirt paired with signature cargo pants.


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